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Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Spiritually Raw Broadcasting with my friend and ex-polygamist Kristyn Decker.  We had a candid conversation about our lives in and out of polygamy. Comparing her life in the AUB in Salt Lake City, Utah as the daughter of the Prophet and my life as a convert in Pinesdale, Montana. We shared laughter, tears and frustrations on how girls were raised and how polygamy really affects women behind closed doors. The little secrets women don’t want to admit about the choice they made.

Kristyn and I met on Facebook about a year ago and we discovered in a casual conversation that we almost became sister wives, talk about spooky!

We briefly discussed my book Transcending Fear” as well as my newest book still in the publication process. Fly, Fly Away is a memoir that you won’t want to put down. Free samples coming soon to Amazon Kindle!

To listen in on my interview click here.

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Author: Victoria Reynolds

Imagine life with all of the delicious and none of the guilt. Imagine living the life of your dreams without shame for following your desires. Imagine truly loving life without any resentment toward the past. Imagine expressing yourself and your unique gifts without hesitation. Imagine making money doing what you love without reservation. Imagine living a life that is nothing short of magic. Imagine a life that is physically, emotionally and spiritually enchanting.* The only thing blocking your happily ever after is fear. Fear is such a sneaky little bugger you probably don't even know it is affecting you. It doesn't look, smell or feel the way we expect it to. Yet, I can pretty much guarantee it is there in the darkest corners of your mind. We all have fear, lots and lots of it. I got my fear from my childhood religion. Yours could have come from someplace else. Get this, fear is so sneaky, it is often confused with love. To learn more about rising above fear and falling in love with life visit me online at * Spirituality as a personal experience unaffiliated with religion.

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