The Polygamist's Daughter

Stories, Reflections and Conclusions of Life on the Inside



As more darkness and deception are unveiled, people will need help understanding what they are seeing and resolving the emotions they have attached to their perceptions. 

The truth is hidden in plain sight and deception is hidden in the truth. 

The focus of my work moving forward, until I feel called to serve in a greater capacity, is to help heal the broken heart of humanity and repair the divide that has us feeling so separated from each other. 

Are you ready to Be Fearless and Free?

Pick up one of my books and discover your true value, how to free your spirit and transcend the fear-based reality we are moving out of as we move to create a new reality based solely and souly in love. 

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I look forward to helping you free your spirit, own your true worth and transcend fear!

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