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I began writing this blog in 2010 as a way of expressing my thoughts about polygamy and growing up in a cult. As I came to my own understanding and awareness of the difference between religion and spirituality, it gave me the ability to look at my childhood through an expanded view. This is what I hope to share with you.

I was born in a secluded polygamy-based cult in Montana. Yes, polygamy does exist outside of Utah.

In this secluded community our unique brand of religion was the stronghold in my life. As a little girl I was taught to believe that my worth was determined by my servitude to men and their version of God. The sole purpose for my existence was to belong to the right man and give him as many children as my body would allow. The belief that I could not survive without a man to take care of me, control me and make my choices for me was fed to me from the time I was very small.

As I grew I was indoctrinated with the belief that I could not obtain heaven unless I gave my husband at least three wives, and only then, if he determined that I was worthy of heaven. I was taught that I was not of value, did not need an education, did not need to drive, and must do everything I was told by the male members of the society, because they were representatives of God. Then I needed to top it off with a smile on my face in the belief that suffering was good for me, that suffering in silence made women beautiful in the eyes of God and men. 

From the time I was very young, I knew I did not want the life God had supposedly predestined for me.

After tolerating years of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of the men I had been taught were servants of God, I found myself having to choose between suicide or escape. At the age of seventeen, I found the courage, driven by desperation, to leave everything I knew behind me. Rather than living a life that felt like hell, I chose to face the outside world, a world I knew little about and had been taught all of my life to fear. 

I found myself having to choose which version of hell I wanted to suffer through.Victoria Reynolds

In the outside world I found the love, acceptance and happiness I had never felt in the community of my childhood. That was the early 80s and therapy wasn’t a viable option. Through my own therapy of self-help books in inner guidance, I healed myself from the trauma of my past and created a life that I couldn’t have even imagined as a child. I discovered that hell is nothing more than an illusion in the mind and that heaven is an inside job. With the assistance of my loving inner therapist, I came to understand that any feelings of worthlessness and unworthiness are misconceptions based in the delusions of fear and not the makings of a loving God. Fear is so sneaky and deceptive, it often disguises itself as love. 

Freedom from the constant bombardment of fear became the driving force in my life. 

The 2008 great global recession led to my spiritual awakening. In the midst of my life falling apart it was actually coming together. Spiritual gifts and understanding from my childhood, gifts my religion attempted to scare out of me, were reactivated. This new understanding of Spirit took me on a journey of wanting to more deeply understand my unique childhood and share with the world the beliefs in this hidden sub-culture. When I came to understand that my soul’s purpose is to, “take on religion” it terrified me. And, I wanted to wait to talk about religion until I could do it from a place of peace and understanding, rather than resentment. I hope to achieve this in my blog. 

My primary life purpose to teach others how to RISE ABOVE FEAR-BASED BELIEFS and have the courage to trust their own path.  The focus of my work is spiritual freedom.  Freedom stems from understanding there there is no one-right-way and that all paths lead home to love. It is freedom of the heart to learn through joy rather than suffering, and for the heart’s light to be lifted from under the bushel of fear. 

As an author, speaker and spiritual luminary, I teach others how to see their past with new eyes and create a future that fulfills them in every way. I teach my audiences and students how to compassionately rethink what they’ve always thought and disbelieve what they’ve always believed as they come home to their own inner truth and infinite love. 

I am also a human rights advocate. It is my firm belief that human rights are synonymous with spiritual freedom, and our God given birthright. I believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity, equality and respect and that in the mind of the infinite energy many call God, we are all of equal value. Anything less is a man-made delusion.

If you are open to learning more about my message, programs, books and services, visit http://victoriareynolds.com. Hop on over to my official website and pickup a free copy of my guidebook, RISE UP: A simplified Guide to The Great Awakening, Spiritual Revolution and The Ascension, and see what else I am up to in the real world.

And remember, to shine your light so high, others can’t help but see their own light.

As always, get bold, be fearless and live free!


8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. God bless your ministry!

    There is definitely a great need for people such as yourself to speak out and expose the weapons formed against those God loves which hold them in bondage’s!

    1. I did see this and it felt very one sided to me to the degree that Lisa seemed almost excited about it. With all of the warm fuzzies that the lifestyle was presented in we must remember that it is still about the subjugation of women. Centennial Park is a fundamentalist Mormon community with the same core beliefs as the FLDS.

  2. You go, girl! The level of courage and tenacity mixed with compassion, care, and a flexible mind is my takeaway today. As someone whose awakening placed me in front of early Christian documents that the church decried as heretical but that revealed a hitherto little known key to awakening, I see in your story some of the fruits of this very early clamp down on anything that might have given the feminine a foothold in the new Christ movement. It could have been different, but wasn’t, and women everywhere have suffered under a yoke that is not reflective of the deeper story. It’s time the story is told, and I am glad to have seen your today.

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