True Power

Do you know how powerful you really are?

You are so powerful it could possibly blow your mind. Actually I hope it does. If you really want to understand the limitlessness of your power and your real potential you rethink everything you think you know. At least that was the case for me. The belief system I grew up with, aka, my religion, prevented me from recognizing who I really am and my true power. I literally thought I was powerless, all because of a misunderstanding of what power really is.

Inside every one of us is our own power center, not unlike our own central sun. It is a light that has the ability to shine so bright that any darkness cannot come near us. When we learn how to embolden our light, all negative energies melt away simply by being in our very presence.

Now that’s powerful!

You have within you the power to change your world and to be a light to others. You have the power to create your reality and co-create reality of those around you. You have the power to create all things in oneness with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, the loving Source of all that is. You and I are connected to that power as it surges within us and emanates out through us.

The Christ said “let your light so shine” and “do not hide your light under a bushel.” Yet how many of us have our light hidden deep within the recesses of our core; hidden under layers upon layers of fear, guilt, shame, blame and resentment. We keep our light small to the point where it is almost undetectable. And as a result we live in a world of fear and darkness, not realizing that we are the source of light.

As I peeled down through the layers of darkness and liberated my inner light, I began to feel the power that is the energy of who I really am. Once I allowed my light to shine it began to light my way. And as my light became bolder and brighter it began to light the way for others to see and follow their own light.

Have you heard the saying that there’s no such thing as a dark switch?

Darkness doesn’t stand a chance in the presence of light. Through knowing your inner power and your connection to yourself, you will begin to see through the darkness and recognize the light and inner power in others. And, the more light you see in yourself the more light you will see in all of humanity, the light in our world and the light that exists in everything. And you begin to recognize the collective power that exists as we connect and really see each other for our true worth and potential. In seeing the light in everyone and everything you begin to see how simple it can be to change the world when enough light is in it. You simply cannot feed the darkness with your own negative energy, because your positive power has enlightened and emboldened you.

Your power is only limited by the shell you place around it. As each of us connect to the power and light within us and allow it to expand, together we have the ability to illuminate our world.

Imagine the possibilities when we all understand what power really is!

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