I’m Coming Out!

I was raised A.U.B., short for Apostolic United Brethren. It is a belief system I walked away from over thirty years ago because it never felt right for me. I had a gift of understanding that allowed me to see a bigger picture than what I had been taught by my parents and religious leaders. The people themselves are good people as I believe all people are. Everyone in this world is doing the best thing they can with what they know.

Polygyny served its purpose at a time when humanity was populating the world and women were used to build the kingdoms of men. It no longer serves a purpose and it has nothing to do with morality or the desires of God. God wants for nothing. Love is our moral code and anything other than love is straying away from our true loving nature and divine essence that exists within every one of us.

Religion as a whole is undergoing a huge shift as humanity collectively outgrows the fear-based beliefs found in much of religious dogma.

The dogma itself causes the separation from God and keeps humanity stuck in hell on earth. That is the power of fear. It is so sneaky that many people don’t even know how to recognize it and yet it is written into our religiosities and disguised as love. Even those who teach it don’t recognize it as fear.

We are ascending into a higher understanding of spirit which is based in love, resurrecting the Divine Feminine and seeing the second-coming of Christ Consciousness of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the great time that was once foretold. The term “apocalypse” that so many of us were taught to fear simply means “a great awakening.” Many  people don’t recognize that we are in the midst of The Ascension because it doesn’t look the way our religions taught us it would look like, based in the interpretations of men in their own understanding.

I suspect what everyone is really searching for is not within religion but within a higher understanding of their own possibility. In short, we are collectively outgrowing our archaic fear-based beliefs in search of a higher understanding of spirit. 

So, what is this coming out all about?  Five years ago I discovered I have a spiritual gift that I never imagined was even possible. Particularly because I had the misconception that only men could have such a gift based on my childhood religions teachings. I have a gift of direct knowing, that is, knowing what I cannot possibly know based on anything I have read or heard. My knowing comes directly from Source, or what others call God. Five years ago I began channeling an energy named Victoria and took on her name so that I could teach and embody her messages through me. Now I am openly admitting that I am an Oracle, more specifically an Oracle of Freedom and teacher of the messages of the Divine Feminine. The Universe and what we have called God, is so much bigger, much more loving and so much more vast than our young minds have been able to comprehend… until now.

My messaging and branding are all shifting into this higher knowing as I openly teach what She teaches me.

If you wish to follow me and learn more, head on over to my official website at http://www.VictoriaReynolds.com. Be sure to pick up your free guidebook while you are there.

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