Inside Polygamy Culture Series

Last summer I spent nearly to a week in Northern California doing a series of interviews with Rebecca Kimbel for her public network television show.

After she edited the interviews she mailed copies of them to me for my own use. Our interviews included a four-part series on growing up with polygamy and looking at all of it now from a new perspective. As well as our discussions on polygamy were interviews on many other subjects that I teach on, along with expanding on the principles in my book Transcending Fear.

For whatever reason I uploaded the first two videos in the four-part series on polygamy but didn’t upload the other two…until today.

Here is the link to view all 4 videos on The Polygamist’s Daughter You Tube channel: The Polygamists Daughter You Tube Channel

All of my teaching videos can be found on my official You Tube channel at: Victoria Reynolds on You Tube.  This channel is updated regularly.

I do still need to finish uploading all of the other interviews from The Rebecca Kimbel Show. If you want to be notified when I upload them, be sure to subscribe to my channels.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free!

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