Becoming Homeless

I ran away from home as a teenager when I finally had enough physical and sexual assaults on my body and mental and spiritual insults to my mind.

It was either that, or commit suicide. At the time, I didn’t really consider it running away from home. I just left. I got in the back seat of a car and drove away. I had a one friend who told me she had a place for me to stay and that was all I needed.

My adventurer into the “real world” began with sleeping on the floor of house with people I didn’t know. A kind woman whose name I can’t recall, rescued a few of us from the cult and let us stay with her until we could get a foothold on our own. That was my first experiences with being homeless.

Yes, I had a place to sleep, but it wasn’t home.

A continual cycle of circumstances left me homeless off and on for the the next 10 years. Sometimes I had an apartment, sometimes not. There were times of stability and times of not knowing where I would sleep next. Job losses and changing roommate situations left me sleeping on floors, couches and sometimes in my car. A few times I got lucky and picked up house-sitting opportunities. I lost everything I owned several times. What I learned about myself is that I could not stay where I was wasn’t appreciated and I learned that I am resourceful and resilient.

Finally, I found where I belonged. I found home. A “you can stay here for a few weeks until you find a job and a place to live,” turned into a relationship leading to a happy marriage, a beautiful house, two amazing kids and a stable career.

Now I’m giving back to help others in the same situation.

A team of female filmmakers have come together and are telling the truth about homelessness. So few people realize what it really is and how one person can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. We are each sharing our own stories of living without a key. Pearl is a documentary film sharing 6 women’s’ stories shedding light on the full scope of homelessness.

The purpose of “Pearl” is to enlighten the masses about the many faces of homelessness and give hope to others in situations like ours.

We can’t do it alone. Change takes a community. We are looking for others to join the movement and share their own stories of homelessness. HERE is the link for more information. Click on the box beneath JOIN THE FILM CREW and we will keep you updated on how you can share your story. You can also donate to the film-making fund, and even earn production credits on our Seed & Spark campaign by clicking HERE.

Please share the information forward and thank you for being a part of making a difference in the world. Together we rise!

Until next time, Get Bold, Be Fearless and Speak Your Truth!

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