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I Just Gave Birth, a.k.a., I’ve Been Fruitful and Multiplying

As a little girl, and while I was growing up, I often heard the words “be fruitful and multiply.” This of course was in reference to the belief that women were only of value for the number of children they produced. A woman’s worth was dependent solely on her ability to create babies.

Seriously! The last thing this planet needs is people thinking they need to propagate like bunnies.

Keeping women pregnant and constantly caring for young children blocks our ability to create to our highest potential. A woman’s greatest work is to create life. That is, to create new life in others. And the ability to re-create herself as something bigger and better than she has ever been.

To honor who we are as creators means to bring real life to those who are already here.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few months, just in case you were wondering why I’ve been so quiet on this blog. For the last nine months or so I’ve been in the process of re-creating and re-birthing myself so that I can be of bigger and better service to humanity. I have created a new version of my life purpose so that I can be fruitful and multiply the fruits of my labors. With my fruit, I bring new life to every person I touch as I teach them their own true value and worth.

For the first time in my life I finally understand what “fruitful and multiply” really means and what a woman’s worth really is. I now gratefully share my knowledge and hard-earned wisdom with you.

Pop on over to my new website at and see what I’ve been up to. While you are there, be sure to grab your free-course where you will learn some of my cutting edge strategies to gain the confidence and clarity to earn what you are really worth.

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