For or Against Polygamy

Having been born and raised in Polygamy I am asked by everyone who hears my story whether I am against Polygamy.

I have to admit that for much of my life I was furious with my parents for raising me in that environment and I adamantly stood strong against the polygamist lifestyle. But that was before I grew up and came into really knowing myself and what I stand for. I stand for freedom and love.

No, I am not against Polygamy, in fact I fully support any relationship between consenting loving adults. Who are we to force our own ideas and perceptions of what love should be? Who are we to judge and place our own moral expectations on others? God doesn’t judge them, what gives us the right to? Anger and hatred are based in fear, not in love.  I do stand bold and strong when relationships are built on fear and intimidation and when the harm of a child or innocent person is involved. Fundamentalism of any religion or extremist movement tends to attract people from the outer fringes of society and gives them permission to act in ways that humanity would not normally consider acceptable. The issue isn’t about Polygamy; the issue is about human decency.

We have much bigger issues at hand then how men and women choose to express their love for each other. Let love be love and let us put our energies toward squelching fear and hatred.

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