The Dangers of Fundamentalism

Whether it is in religion, business, politics, relationships or all things, Fundamentalism is dangerous to society. Fundamentalism is a means used by individuals and organizations who wish to remain or be in control by clinging desperately to the past. It is used to control the minds, hearts, souls and money of the people and is a key component that prevents us from finding the peace on earth we all seek.

For many the word “fundamentalism” conjures up images of crazed religious lunatics, yet it exists in nearly every organization to some degree. It is most obvious in religion where the stronghold of these massive organizations retain limitless control over the masses of humanity. The stronghold of religious dogma has been responsible for every atrocity known to humankind. We see fundamentalism in the dictatorships and monarchies of our political structures. And we see it the homes where women are not allowed to spend money without asking their husbands for permission.

Fundamentalism of any kind is a massive step backward in our physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. Most people agree that the reason for our mortal experience is to learn, grow and evolve, yet Fundamentalism prevents this very thing. Fundamentalism keeps us trapped individually and collectively in the past and limits our potential for the very reason we exist. Living in the past prevents the flow of creativity and enlightenment that comes from being in the present and looking forward with hope to the future. Fundamentalism limits our ability for flexibility and prevents us from being in full control of our actions and responses in the here and now. It  keeps us stuck in old, stale, limiting beliefs and trapped in an existence we have already moved forward from collectively. Fundamentalism holds us in a lifestyle that has already been proven does not work. By staying in or returning to the old we cannot see what is now and what can be. 

We must continue advancing and moving forward. It is vital that we learn from the past as we see the value in the present and look forward to the future. Many of us are waking up to our individual and collective potential and possibility. We are evolving at lightening speed toward a more peaceful and sustainable global community. Fundamentalism as a whole fears evolution as it attempts to retain its stronghold over humanity. The tightrope of Fundamentalism is splintering and failing as its grip is being brought into the light. It can only be held together for so long before it must give way to the new way. The new enlightened way is building a bridge that uplifts and supports all humanity, rather than the tightrope that has been used to control us.

6 thoughts on “The Dangers of Fundamentalism

  1. Any system that discourages questions is a dangerous system. I wish I were as optimistic as you are about fundamentalism failing. There are far too many people who want to hand over responsibility for their lives to someone else – a kind of moral laziness, I think.

  2. Perhaps it is in part a moral laziness but I suspect more that most people simply have not been enlightened to their real potential. They have intentionally been kept in the dark as a means of control to some degree. When there are enough of us who want to create change it will have to occur. The changemakers are now in the millions and that movement will continue to snowball until mass concousness has no choice but to change with it.

  3. Is the group in Pinesdale connected to Warren Jeffs or to the Lebarons or some other branch? I never did learn too much about the Pinesdale group when I lived in nearby Hamilton.

  4. The group in Pinesdale is associated with the AUB which is also known as the Allred Group. The beliefs are very similar to the FLDS and the LeBarons but not quite as radical.

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