What Love is This

Growing up in Pinesdale there was a neighbor boy by the name of Troy Bowles. He and his brother were good friends of my older brothers. Troy was remarkably intelligent and our private school with its limited resources did not know how to work with him. His intellect was far beyond that of the teachers. I had not seen or spoken to Troy for over 25 years and recently reconnected with him on Facebook. He is now a philosopher at University of Utah and using his mind to bring the subject of polygamy into the light as a human rights issue.

Troy was recently interviewed on a television program entitled “Polygamy: What Love is This” where he discussed his opinion of the Darger’s book “Love Times Three”. I am in complete agreement with Troy and I find the hosts comments to be very much in line with with what I feel in regards to religious justification. She brings up some very interesting facts about polygamy in the bible as well as in the Mormon culture.

Troy is now a regular on the “What Love is This” program. Check it out at http://www.whatloveisthis.tv/episodes/2011/ep439.htm. Troy also writes his own blog at http://cosmophilosophy.blogspot.com/

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