Prophet’s Prey

Sam Brower author of Prophet's Prey

I had the opportunity to meet with Sam Brower yesterday, author of the book “Prophet’s Prey”.  I have read many books on the subject of polygamy and found Sam’s book to be a fascinating read. Prophet’s Prey is based on Sam’s investigation into the FLDS and the manhunt for Warren Jeffs.  Prophet’s Prey is not only a book based on Sam’s investigation but is a riveting story that links many facets and faces that have been covered by the media, journalists and other authors, as well as stories the media has been reluctant to tackle. He brings the many stories and characters into one place and shows how they fit into the FLDS timeline.  Sam did most of his investigative work without payment or contribution simply because he felt so passionate about his work and people he found himself wanting to help.  I am fortunate now to now call Sam my friend and I feel a deep sense of pride for his work. He is bringing truth into the light.  For more information visit

3 thoughts on “Prophet’s Prey

  1. I downloaded it and read it and it is a fascinating read, although I will have to go back and revisit the names of characters because so many are similarly named. It is amazing how closed off these communities are, and how unwelcoming of outsiders. Having traveled extensively, I’ve learned that one thing that distinguishes Americans to foreigners is their friendliness. First, we all look different, and second we are open. So having communities like this is in fact foreign in our own country.

    1. The names within the FLDS as seen in Sam’s book are also found throughout all of the Mormon Fundamentalist groups. The last name Jessop is a very common thread. One of sister’s is married to a Jessop in AUB. It would take a geneological genious to make sense of all of it.

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