I Am An Evolutionary

I am a free spirit and I have my own free will. I managed to retain these core qualities even when my parents and their religion attempted to break me of both.

I do not follow the crowd just because the narrative tells me too. If I did I would still be in the cult I grew up in.

I do not fall for peer pressure and never have. I do not listen to music or wear clothes or have beliefs just because someone tells me they are “in.” I’ve never been concerned about being seen with the right crowd in the right places. Trying to fit into someone else’s world is absurd to me.

I do not follow any religion, box-of-beliefs or hand-me-down practices.

I believe the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe many call God, is far too vast to squeeze into one man, a few books or any carefully crafted system of belief.

I am a free-thinker and I am not afraid to consider all options and perspectives before making my choices. I think Cancel Culture and censorship to fit a carefully crafted narrative hurts all of us. In fact, for me, the more people try to keep things from me, the more I want to know what they are trying to hide.

I will not blindly follow anyone or anything, just because I am told to.

My mind, heart, body, and spirit will not be owned and controlled, and most certainly not by a bunch of bureaucrats and billionaires. I see what is happening on the planet right now as a spiritual war for the freedom of humanity and I will not succumb.

I am a Transcender and a Spiritual Evolutionary. I will help see freedom through and Love will win!

If this resonates with you, subscribe to my re-purposed YouTube channel where I share news, updates, messages from Spirit and check out my Fearless and Free TV where I interview guests who are both spiritually awake and informed to the bigger picture.

Until next time, Get Bold, Be Fearless and Live Free!


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