Polygamy in Heaven

Is there Polygamy in Heaven?  I have come to an awareness that the place most people call Heaven isn’t a destination.  It is a state of being.  Where we go after we pass through this life existence is into the next is based on our individual expectations and perceptions.    Just as this life experience is nothing more than our own perceptions of our reality so is the next life. 
Polygamists, at least Mormon Fundamentalist ones, believe that they will spend the rest of eternity married to the same spouses they had in this life, and spend eternity making spirit children.  If that is what they believe, and, if they have lived the life they were expected to live in order to earn that right, then that is exactly where they will end up.  They will live in a heaven that they crafted on earth.
Heaven is what we desire it to be based on our earthly beliefs and expectations.  It is a state of pure joy, pure love and pure peace.  It is being surrounded by people and an environment that help us maintain that state.    The reason those who speak to us from the other side have never been completely honest about what to expect in Heaven is because it is different for everyone.
Far too many people seem consumed with fear of spending an eternity in the presence those who don’t agree with them.  Not to worry, everyone will be in their own version of heaven and unlike our earthly existence we won’t be rubbing shoulders with people we don’t care for.

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