Judgment Day

I had a dream several days ago about my father.  In my dream I was at a family reunion. My entire family was there: brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews along with my parents both whom passed away a few years ago.  In the dream I sat on a couch conversing with my father and after a while I realized that I was the only one aware of his presence.

Recognizing the opportunity I began asking questions about the afterlife, a subject the two of us avoided when he was alive.  I had never agreed with his Dogmatic Fundamentalist approach to this life or the next.

“Why is it so difficult to process our lives”? I asked him.  (Processing is something I attempt to do regularly to keep myself free from emotional baggage.)  My father replied “You think it is painful now, try doing it after you die when you have nothing but time on your hands.  You don’t have life’s distractions to pull you away.”  He continued “After you die you will have to process your life however long the process might be”.

My father shared the awareness that Judgment Day isn’t a day in the next existence when God judges us for our lives.  God doesn’t judge.  God is pure unconditional love, pure acceptance and pure compassion.  Judgment Day is the time and space we must all face as we move from this life into the next.  It is our own assessment of our lives and the in-depth discovery of the lessons that we learned during our life’s journey.  It is our reckoning of our lives and a passage we must all go through as we reach for the pure peace and light that exists for all of us.

I now understand that the more processing we can do in this existence the more joyful and free our lives can become.  And any reckoning we do as we pass into the next existence will be short and liberating.

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