Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, taught that any man can receive revelation from God.   He was openly ridiculed for this belief and eventually murdered for his radical teachings.  Growing up within a Fundamentalist Mormon movement many of the men on The Ranch abused this belief and took it upon themselves to say that “God revealed this to me.”  The revelation from God gave them rights over women and their desires were justified in the name of God.  But, the desires in one’s head and heart are a far cry from a true revelation given by God.

Although I no longer believe the religious dogma or doctrine taught by Joseph Smith or his church, I do agree that anyone, man or woman, can receive Enlightenment directly from the Divine Source many call God.  It is within us every moment of every day.  It comes to us through our intuition, our gut feelings, through a still small voice that resonates from our core.  It is our inner guidance system and it will reveal to us everything we need if we will just listen.

One thought on “Revelation

  1. Have you met Jesus Christ, the God-man? He came to this world in the flesh 2000 years ago to set the captives free and give them Life!

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