Here We Go Again!

As you know, I uploaded Memoirs of the Polygamist’s Daughter onto Amazon Kindle last month. It was a test to measure how the book would sell, and whether it needed the professional editing I suspected that it would need, but my husband didn’t think we needed to invest in. He thinks I am brilliant, my writing is brilliant, and that my work is perfect as is. While I love him and his confidence in my brilliance, I know the book industry and what readers expect to receive for their investment of time and money.

It had not been edited and I knew it wouldn’t get raving five star reviews due to lack of professional editing. I admit I am by no means perfect. In the process of getting a one star and a two star (yes, they both really hurt) I received some tremendously helpful feedback from readers.  The overall response was that it is a great story but it really needs editing.

So, off to another rewrite I go. Such is the life of a writer, I am discovering…

My plan is to go back to my manuscript, make the recommended changes, hire an editor and upload those changes to Amazon.  I plan to create a bound book that is available to purchase on any book-buying platform, not just Amazon Kindle. Rather than waiting around for a full-service publisher to publish my book, which could take another two years, I am choosing to publish it myself. If all goes as planned my new launch date will be 05/15/15.

One last thing, if you did purchase my book “as is,” please let me know by sending an email with proof of purchase to  When the edited copy becomes available, I will gratefully and joyfully send it to you free of any charge.

Thanks for your continual support and understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. I remember when I handed my first editor a 400 manuscript of Cult Child. I was beaming! He flipped through a few pages, handed it back and said “I know your writing and this is not written in YOUR voice.” (First person writing is my forte) he said “you have to re-write this”. I burst into tears – wept, pissed and moaned for a week – then I re-wrote it in my own voice and it turned out perfect. But that was a difficult acceptance. Now – going into writing the sequel I feel better knowing I’m writing with MY writing voice. You got this. 💖

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