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Here We Go Again!

As you know, I uploaded Memoirs of the Polygamist’s Daughter onto Amazon Kindle last month. It was a test to measure how the book would sell, and whether it needed the professional editing I suspected that it would need, but my husband didn’t think we needed to invest in. He thinks I am brilliant, my writing is brilliant, and that my work is perfect as is. While I love him and his confidence in my brilliance, I know the book industry and what readers expect to receive for their investment of time and money.

It had not been edited and I knew it wouldn’t get raving five star reviews due to lack of professional editing. I admit I am by no means perfect. In the process of getting a one star and a two star (yes, they both really hurt) I received some tremendously helpful feedback from readers.  The overall response was that it is a great story but it really needs editing.

So, off to another rewrite I go. Such is the life of a writer, I am discovering…

My plan is to go back to my manuscript, make the recommended changes, hire an editor and upload those changes to Amazon.  I plan to create a bound book that is available to purchase on any book-buying platform, not just Amazon Kindle. Rather than waiting around for a full-service publisher to publish my book, which could take another two years, I am choosing to publish it myself. If all goes as planned my new launch date will be 05/15/15.

One last thing, if you did purchase my book “as is,” please let me know by sending an email with proof of purchase to  When the edited copy becomes available, I will gratefully and joyfully send it to you free of any charge.

Thanks for your continual support and understanding.

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