Cults vs Intentional Communities

I’m beginning to understand after what I’ve seen the past few years that some of the ideas I grew up with aren’t as crazy as I once thought they were.

The idea that a woman can’t get into heaven without being married to a man who deems her worthy, and that she has to share her husband with a minimum of two other women, preferably at least twelve, in order to get into the highest level of a multi-level heaven, is completely absurd to me. And of course the belief that women must subjugate themselves and be subservient to men is just plain hurtful to women and their innate gifts of leadership.

Yes, women are born to lead, and the feminine style of heart-based leadership is desperately needed at this time.

Men and women are divinely created to work in balance and harmony with each other, with neither above another. Humanity is finally beginning to grasp the beautiful masculine and feminine balance in all things. Until we accept this balance and restore the feminine to her rightful place alongside the masculine, rather than beneath him, we will continue to clean up the mess the men have made of our beautiful home we call Earth. We will return our planet to the paradise it once was when the patriarchy lets go of its leash on humanity.

What I now agree with about my childhood, is the idea of ascension, and the desire to create more harmonious living environments.

We are in the midst of the ascension and rising up. It just doesn’t look the way our religions painted it to look. Religions are based in fear-disguised as love, and are a middle-man between ourselves and our true divine potential. Religions works for some, and others of us have simply outgrown them. Ascension is a higher-understanding of Spirit and a desire to create a new earth, where all life doesn’t just sustain, it thrives and prospers. We are ascending into a new golden age and those who cannot raise their vibration to love and oneness will be left behind, or rather, they will fade away.

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Several days ago I interviewed a lovely couple in South Africa with a vision of creating Intentional Communities. When I asked them what the difference is between a cult and an intentional community, I got a better answer than I expected.

You can watch the episode on my YouTube channel.

One thought on “Cults vs Intentional Communities

  1. What a fantastic interview! So inspiring! Gives me great hope for my own life and the future of humanity and Planet Earth!

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