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Heart Power

As many of us have come to realize, all of our systems, nationally and globally, are undergoing a shift as more truth about our systems and their limitations are brought into the light. The availability of information can either be seen as a cause for blame and resentment or an opportunity to create new systems that not only benefit us individually, but the entire human family.

There are many of us who recognize that we are leaders and messengers in this global shift in consciousness. As leaders and messengers it is vital that we bring our Heart Power into everything we do. Harmony is the song of the universe and the energy of love is what causes it to flow gracefully.

It is vital that we bring our Heart Power into everything we do. For me using “Heart Power” means bringing compassion and understanding into every area of my life. Not just with my family and friends but into my work as well. It means looking past blame or resentment for what has been and seeing instead with compassion and understanding. Only with compassion and understanding can we see clearly into the possibilities of what can be.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself putting this Heart Power into practice as I worked in a documentary film I am producing regarding Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. Filming on location in Colorado City I was harassed by what the locals call the God Squad. During local interviews I heard numerous stories of abuse, kidnapping, animal torture, sex trafficking, rape, extortion and suicide…every possible atrocity known to humankind all justified by religion and a man who calls himself a prophet of God.

It is my life purpose to bring into the light the subjects of spiritual abuse and spiritual liberation. Because of my own healing and spiritual freedom from Mormon Fundamentalism I was able to see those affected by the FLDS practices and beliefs with compassion. They are people who are doing the best they can with what they know, good people who are misguided by a man who is driven by his own desires. As warped and twisted their lifestyle may be to the rest of us, deep inside they are no different. They are looking for guidance, acceptance and support.

Learning how to use the power of love also made it possible for me to see Warren Jeffs, as deviant as he may be, through compassion and understanding. Had it not been for his selfish desires as a religious zealot the story of the FLDS might never be told and the people would never find the freedom they deserve. Because of his abuses of religion and the people under his control the members of the FLDS will now have the opportunity to attain true liberation.

That knowledge makes my work worth the effort. Facing my work with heart brings the possibility of harmony to all those who may be served by my message. It brings the possibility of healing from the spiritual abuse that those affected have undergone. And it provides the rest of the world with the ability to see those affected by spiritual abuse with their own understanding and compassion.

As each of us brings Heart Power into our work, home, community and relationships, we will see a shift in humanity as a whole. Bringing love into everything we do individually has the potential to create a new world collectively. Love indeed is the most powerful thing in the world!

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A Different Kind of New Year’s Celebration

During research for my forthcoming book I stumbled across a hand produced notebook that had been compiled by students in the community where I grew up. Within its pages were notes from the community secretary describing a meeting that took place among leaders during the community’s inception.  In that meeting it was agreed that no Pagan holidays would be recognized or publicized.  And with that declaration I was unaware of Christmas, never knew of Halloween and its Trick-or-Treating, did not hand out Valentine’s cards and did not gather Easter Eggs in the spring.

Living in this closed community I had no idea when I was young how the rest of the world lived or what outsiders celebrated.  Due to the continual efforts of members in our community, our Zion on the hill became a magnet for others who wanted to experience our clandestine lifestyle.  As more people moved into the community they brought with them their worldly ways, and some refused to give up what they brought with them. They brought their ideas, traditions and celebrations.

Although our founding fathers were firmly against the celebration of any Pagan holidays and traditions, some of the newer members refused to give up their worldly celebrations. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, although not celebrated openly, were secretly celebrated in individual family’s homes. When many children began arriving at school with new toys and new clothes for Christmas, I was devastated, as were my brothers and sisters. Feeling the pressure, and not wanting us to be completely left out, my parents gave into pressure, and we created a gift-giving tradition of our own.

Every New Year’s Eve we had a celebration that rivaled that of any neighbor.  My mother’s handmade doughnuts and Chex party mix were the talk of every kid in town.  After the children were sound asleep, my father placed a box the size of a refrigerator on the center of our living room floor.  My parents filled the box with gifts for their many children. Nothing extravagant of course, with a dozen mouths to feed money was in short supply. The gifts were nothing more than the necessities of clothing, and each of us received one toy.  New Year’s morning we all woke up with the exuberance of any child at Christmas to unwrap the treasures that await us in the “big box.”   New Year’s Day was always the biggest day of the year in our house.

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Join the Conversation


For the past month or so I have been working on recreating my official website to make it more applicable to what I know is my life calling and global purpose.  That purpose is to teach others how to find their own truth and to liberate their minds, hearts and souls from the fear-based dogma found in many religions.  In understanding the difference between religiosity and spirituality we can then decipher the difference between fear and love, and the difference between belief and truth.

As we ask all of our religions to evolve to teach love rather than fear, we can then choose to follow our spiritual masters, if any, through love rather than fear.  While many of us have discovered that no middle-man is necessary to find our way home, there will always be those who need spiritual guidance and direction into their inner light and connection to all that is.

In order to be of a greater service I have created a community based website where members can come and express themselves on the subjects of spiritual evolution and transformation. I find that transformation occurs within open, loving and supportive communication.  Evolution occurs when we are open to recognizing what has been and determine how it can be changed for the betterment of ourselves and for the whole of humanity.

You are invited to join the community, create your own blog, start a discussion and promote your work, if it is in alignment with the work that I am doing.  Join the conversation and become part of the global movement that promotes freedom for the mind, heart and soul.

Visit and spread your word.