A New Era

Ten years ago this morning I stood on my patio contemplating my future. It was the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing and I was scheduled for my first OB visit a few hours later. I pondered with sadness that my baby would never know its grandmother. Then the quiet pondering was shattered by news that made me wonder about the choice I had made to bring a baby into the world. America was under attack and the world as we knew it would never be the same.

I wonder what went through the mind of my father that morning. He was obsessed with predictions and prophesies regarding the end of days. As a child we spend every Wednesday evening in a Family Home Meeting which was essentially church at home.  On those family evening my father discussed openly his views and perceptions of how the world would end and a new era begin. As a child every event in the news was a prediction about the world coming to an end. The explosion of Mt. Saint Helen darkened our skies and caused the sun to hide its face; at first it was the end of the world, then the realization several hours later that it was just a volcano erupting. No doubt my father saw the attack on the World Trade Center the beginning of the battle with the Middle East and the battle of Armageddon.  My father passed away a few years ago and I never thought to get his opinion of the attack on American soil.

The effect that was intended by those who attacked our people was not the effect they had hoped for.  It was the end of the world for many and the beginning of end of days as I see it. It was the beginning of a new era, not just for America, but for the world. That attack on us caused us to open our eyes and come together as one nation.  It caused us to begin to see humanity as one family and one people. It was the beginning of the return of Christ Consciousness and the resurrection of the Divine Feminine; a return to the energies of unconditional love and compassion. While the battles rage over the minds, hearts, bodies and prosperity of the people, their souls are being lifted up with new enlightenment. 

Many contest that they are waiting for the physical return of Jesus to save them, just as they expected him to save them 2000 years ago.  His message of Love, Light and our individual connection to the Creator was the message intended to liberate humanity, not after we die, but right here in the physical realm. The energy of his message is being reawakened as more and more people begin to understand what the return and ascension really is. It is a new way of being for all of humanity, a coming together in peace and harmony for the good of the whole. It is a lifting up of our consciousness and way of being.  We are in the beginning of a new era that can only come into effect as the old way crumbles. While many can only see and feel the darkness of these end of times, there are many whose eyes look forward into a new enlightened future with hope and gratitude.

One thought on “A New Era

  1. Unfortunately we have forgotten who we are since I wrote this article in 2011. America has turned on itself and become more divided than ever before, save it be during the Civil war. We have children killing each other school and American’s unleashing hell’s furry on each other. We are dismantling ourselves far more effectively than our external enemies ever could. They can sit back and watch us self-implode without firing a single shot. We are the enemy in our midst as many who call themselves Christian have forgotten what The Christ stood for. They bare his name while using it in vain – using it for their own vain purposes. A country divided against itself will surely fall or will we remember who we are and unify once again?

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