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1987 Harmonic Convergence

In August of 1987 a friend of mine invited me to attend church with her. At that point in my life I wanted nothing to do with church of any kind. I had been battling suicide for over five years which resulted from my extremely patriarchal, fundamentalist upbringing, and I knew I couldn’t find reprieve from my suffering in the same beliefs that created it. I was only 21 yet very tapped into my intuition.

Something about this girl and her family was different. They didn’t come across as the faux friend I felt bombarded with from others who wanted to assimilate (fellowship) me into their belief system. I had  left Montana as a teenager and moved to Salt Lake City to find myself. Everyone I met seemed to want to convert me to “real” Mormonism. But not this family. They seemed to me to be genuine and real, with no strings attached.

My friend told me about the female minister at her church and that she would be teaching a lesson on prosperity the following Sunday. That I needed to see – a woman leading the show and talking positively about money? Both were beyond my imagination.

Out of curiosity I took my friend up on her invitation. That one random Sunday forever changed my life. It took me in a direction I never imagined possible. It took me on a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and eventually, self-realization. All of that new age enlightenment taught me how to heal my life and see a much bigger picture of myself and the universe. Not through the church itself so much, but through the books in the bookstore. Wayne Dyer and his friends became my teachers. And yes, the Church of Religious Science – now the Centers for Spiritual Living – literally saved my life.

There have been other similar organizations that I’ve attended over the years, such as Unity, Unitarian and various Science of Mind based spiritual centers. They feed my soul rather than attempt to control it. All of them have bookstores that stimulate my emotional and spiritual analysis and elevate my self-awareness.

August of 1987 was a big year, not just for me but for the planet as a whole. It was the time of Harmonic Convergence when a new level of enlightened energy began coming to our planet. Of course I didn’t know it at the time but now I see the synchronicity. I am so glad I said yes to my friend and in so doing, said yes to life and the direction of my life purpose. All those years ago I could have never imagined where I am today.

Another Harmonic Convergence begins tomorrow. I’m curious to see where it takes us…

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True Religion

When I was twenty-one years old a friend of mine introduced me to the Church of Religious Science. It was the first time in my life that I learned I played any part in the direction of my life. I ran away from the commune I had been raised in when I was seventeen years old out of fear that I would end up a plural wife and spend eternity with a man I did not love. For the next five years I lived with the guilt and shame of going against God’s plan for me. I had no self-esteem and no direction in my life. I suffered in silence with the temporary reprieve of drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

My introduction to the Science of Mind principals literally saved my life. Knowing that my life is not predestined by anyone but me and that my choices create my life gave me the courage and power to begin the healing process and overwrite the fear based beliefs that had been engrained in me since childhood. The Church of Religious Science has since appropriately been renamed the Centers for Spiritual Living. Over the years I have attended many Science of Mind based centers including Unity & Unitarian Universalist (now the same) all of which teach that God is love and we are co-creators in this life experience. Occasionally I attended Agape Spiritual Center and a Center for Spiritual Living in my neighborhood.

I had been told from the time I was born that our religion was the only true religion. Now I know within myself that is not true – at least not for me. I am not a member of any church and instead choose to follow the will and guidance of my own soul in direct connection to Spirit. No middle man necessary.