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Surviving The Great Apocalypse

Here is another snippet from my book Fly, Fly Away. It gives readers a quick glimpse into the reason people are so afraid to leave once they join.

Fear is the greatest controller of the human body, heart, mind and spirit.  

The night following Hannah’s nearly tragic accident we held our weekly Family Home Meeting. Wednesday evenings throughout the community, were reserved for family meetings. Each family spent the evening at home in spiritual study, conversation and prayer. Typically, the subject for our family meetings was apocalyptic prophesies regarding the last days. My father seemed clearly obsessed with the doom and gloom predictions that every prophet since the beginning of recorded history has made about the end of times, and he painstakingly ingrained those stories into our innocent, young, impressionable minds. The dreams of Daniel, Revelations of Isaiah, predictions of Nostradamus, and forecasts of Joseph Smith and other Mormon prophets, and my father’s own interpretations were wrapped up into one end-of-the-world melodrama that was guaranteed to happen in my lifetime. Most definitely before the year 2,000, which was seen by us as the beginning of the seventh day, (each day represented as a thousand years) of earth’s existence, and earth’s very own personal Sabbath. Those predictions were the reason we fled to the mountains, grew our own food, had years of supplies in the basement and guns to protect ourselves from the government and unavoidable intrusion from China, Mexico and Russia.

The apocalypse was upon us at any moment!

The battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ, separation of wheat from chaff, (we of course were the wheat), the ascension of only a chosen few and the resurrection of the bodies of Mormon Saints being lifted up and restored to wholeness, was inevitable. World War III and America being attacked from all borders, missionaries rotting in the streets of Jerusalem and pestilence against those who were sinful loomed on our doorstep. The sun turning to darkness and blood running in the streets, wars and rumors of wars, violent earthquakes and all manner of destruction, another planet slamming into ours and tearing of the veil between good and evil, great disease, abominations, and more… were my inevitable destiny. On that great and dreadful day, God would raise his mighty hand, smite the evil-doers and cleanse the earth of sinners and all inequities. Only 144,000 people would survive the great cleansing and baptism by fire. All of the prophesies would then finally be fulfilled. And we, along with those like us, would be the only ones to benefit from God’s wrath upon His children.

These stories led to nightmares that haunted me well into adulthood, until I finally came to understand how many of the prophesies were parables and metaphors, rather than events.

The prophesies are periods of time throughout history rather than one big day. They tell of a time when fear begins to leave the planet and love returns, when the Divine Feminine is resurrected and restored to Her mantle beside the Divine Masculine and equality and harmony are restored to Earth’s children. We are in the midst of it right now and have been for over 50 years. We are all ascending, not just a chosen few. The process isn’t pretty, and we will get there, if we don’t destroy ourselves first.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we are the ones who will save us from ourselves. 

As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. We can use it as a weapon of mass destruction or use it as a tool for peace.

I am so grateful to be free of the stories that once tormented my soul and kept my spirit captive in fear. Today I am free to see what is possible for ALL of humanity rather than just a supposed chosen few.

Until next time, be Fearless & Free!

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Marriage, Morality & Legislation

I suspect that much of the confusion about polygamy begins first with marriage itself. The once legally binding business contract of marriage has become synonymous with morality. Marriage and morality is a classic case of religion working its way back into the government. 

Our founding fathers were adamant about the separation of church and state. They put their lives, reputations and livelihood on the line to maintain that separation. Many were not Christian men as many Americans have come to believe. They were Universalists who saw a much bigger picture of the energy many call God.  They were not atheists but were also not sworn to any religion. As with many politicians today they sat in churches out of the expectations of those around them, but their minds were not limited to one particular faith or set of beliefs. They had seen the unrelenting control that religion played in the old world and wanted their new country to be free from that control. 

Unfortunately religion has worked its way back into government and we willingly allow it. We give away our unalienable rights back to the government when we ask for legislation that controls our moral behavior. We give away our freedoms when we ask the government to make choices for us based upon religious beliefs. Out of our own disability to take responsibility for our individual morality we ask our government to take responsibility for us. In this lack of personal responsibility we give up the freedoms upon which our country was founded.

Morality is an individual choice based on personal beliefs. It cannot be dictated or controlled by government and rightfully should not be enforced upon the masses based on the desires of the few. When we are each living in our own inner truth and in the energy of real and genuine love, morality is not an issue. The government was never intended to control the expression of love. It is only when the appearance of love is grounded in fear and control that we find ourselves in the query of how to protect those who are under its control.

Because the history of polygamy is based in fear and control the conditions within polygamist relationships are prime for abuse. The question with legislation with regard to polygamy is not, nor should it be about morality, but about the protection of those who become victims to its abuses.