Ovecoming Polygamy and Other Nonsense

The core belief in my childhood religion was that men are Gods and God is man. I was born into the belief that I was, and always would be, worth less than men.

Kody Brown, His ‘Sister Wives,’ and the Return of Polygamy

This is an interesting article I recently had forwarded to me. The author offers a well thought out approach on the subject of polygamy in our society.   Tinseltown is seeking to mainstream polygamous relationships. Having long ago forsaken the favorable depiction of monogamy characterized by such shows as the long-running Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet … Continue reading Kody Brown, His ‘Sister Wives,’ and the Return of Polygamy


Synchronicity is amazing! My completed book is in the hands of a talented editor who plans to have it fully edited by the end of this month and ready for publication. It is my story of overcoming the fear based beliefs that were placed on me as a result of the fundamentalist religion of my … Continue reading Synchronicity