Polygamy is Slavery

It breaks my heart that representation of polygamy on television appears to be a all positive.  If we as Americans really understood what goes on in the minds of those who are enslaved by the polygamist lifestyle we would not be in support of it. If we really understood we would take a stand to eliminate this form of slavery, not just here in America, but worldwide. I grew up in a polygamist community, I lived the religious beliefs, and I know how firmly convicted these people are in their beliefs. Polygamy is a form of slavery; slavery of women and children to the glorification of their husbands and other men, and slavery of men and women alike to their religious beliefs. Polygamy is an about face reversal of all the work we as women have done over the centuries to create equality and respect with our male counterparts. It is a reversal of everything we have done collectively to create freedom from oppression. As we work to create a world that is enlightened we must open our eyes to the truth. Enslavement of the mind and soul is far more debilitating than physical enslavement and in many cases polygamy it is a combination of all three. Polygamy is another example of spiritual abuse, abuse of the human spirit being justified by religion. How can we honesty be in support of this abuse if we are to embrace our human family as one?   How can we heal the physical, emotional and spiritual damage that has occurred on our planet if we continue to allow our human family to be abused?  How can we tolerate the atrocities of humanity being justified by religion? How can we support religions that have been manipulated to empower men’s greed while belittling women’s true divine worth?  We are all equal in the eyes of our Creator and all worthy of the presence of God’s unconditional love.

10 thoughts on “Polygamy is Slavery

  1. Victoria Reynolds, you rock! “Enslavement of the mind and soul is far more debilitating than physical enslavement and in many cases polygamy it is a combination of all three.”

  2. As a fifth generation polygamist born woman, I agree with you 100%. Polygamy is slavery. We were taught to forfeit our minds to the “priesthood”, our bodies to our husband and our labor to”God”, All we forfeited increased the “kingdom” of a “prophet” The prophet’s profit consisted of businesses corporations and trusts held privately in the leaders names His kingdom was built on the backs of working women. child labor and Gov. funds , labor and checks made out to “God”, but written in the name of our controller.
    Every polygamist child learns early that refusal to obey means loss of salvation, acceptance of family, damnation and possible blood atonement. No educated person who truly understands the “religion” of polygamy, could condone it. It is a coercion held together by fear, not faith. Polygamy is not born of God. It is born of Greed.

  3. I have not experienced polygamy in my life, nor am I even indirectly connected to the life style. I saw commercials for Sister Wives, and decided to do some research. I have read several books by women who were a part of polygamy, and they were sexually abused and forced into polygamy because it was the “right thing to do for God.” As a feminist, I am insulted by a man having many women, but no vise versa. It seems to be glorified cheating, but that may just be my monogamous opinion. I just don’t understand how it is justified that women cannot enter the ultimate realm of heaven, but men can because they “marry” several women.

    I loved your post, but maybe you can elaborate on your experiences or explain some of your points. I would love to be able to cite your posts in future blogs, have I decide to write some on the topic of polygamy. It is a very controversial topic. Thank you again for your honesty.

  4. I agree with you on a lot of levels. Polygamy used as it has been in some relgious sects is inhumane at best

    My question is this, what about families with no ties to any religious sec FLDS or otherwise who chose to be polygamists because it is what works for them. One in which all people in the polygamist family are equal, all have made the decision to not have children together (for health reasons), and all work in professional careers? I would also add if one of the wome decided they wanted a second husband it is their decission as is it their decission to enter the polygamist lifestyle and their decission to stay?

    I am just curious if relgion and the abuse is taken out, what your feelings are on it?

    1. I do grapple with this I have to admit. Personally I have no issues with open, truly loving and truly equal relationships regardless of the number of partners involved. The issue as I see it is in the legality of polygamy because if it is legalized many will use its legality as justification for further abuse. Marriage has historically been about ownership and money and only recently here in the US has it evolved to be about love and companionship. There have always been people who have chosen multiple partners and open relationships. Why does having multiple partners need to be made legal marriage when an open relationship can be just as emotionally rewarding? It seems to me that without the bonds of marriage the relationship(s) would be more free to flourish.

  5. I have to agree with you. Legalization could open all new sets of issues. We chose a commitment cermony as my husband stated he did not want me to ever feel less a part of the family (Ok and he wanted to make sure I got to wear a wedding dress, one of my girlie traits). For us it is not a peice of paper that makes our marriage, a marriage.

    It is a commitment we made to each other and our family. It is not right for everyone and there would be issues with abuse of power if it were legalized (my view).

    We have taken legal steps to ensure each person is provided for later in life if needed. I have done a legal name change, but beyond that we did not need a license to be a family. If that make sense.

    I also have issues with being “brainwashed” into feeling there is no choice in how to live or who to marry polygamist or not.

    I was curious as to your views in situations such as ours, because I as they say had no handbook to this choice and we are learning as we go. And I am the one who has to look at every angle to see what may or may not come down the road as an issue.

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