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The Love of Money…

Money-Tree-with-Coins“Money is the root of all evil.” That is a quote I heard as a child, and it unconsciously affected me throughout most of my life.

It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that someone corrected me on the quote and pointed out that it had been misrepresented to me as a child. Apparently, “The love of money is the root of all evil” is the actual Biblical quote. For many years I had such an deeply-rooted negative association with the word “money” that I unconsciously sabotaged myself and blocked myself from my own greatest good.  Consciously I didn’t buy into the irrational belief that money was evil. But the resistant feelings I inwardly had toward money prevented me from being in the abundant flow of what I now understand is one of the greatest tools for personal and global transformation.

Now that I understand what love really is, I can see that the Biblical quote regarding money is one of the greatest misconceptions of all time.

From another Bible verse, I recall the quote “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking.”  If this is what love is, then how can it in any way be evil? How is it that love, when applied to money, becomes the root of all evil? It doesn’t! The misconception is that love is synonymous with greed.  Greed is, in fact, the opposite of love. Greed is an emotion that is based in fear in the belief that there is lack. Love is generous and fear is greedy.  The greed of money is the root of what many call evil. The genuine love of money is the root of all transformation. Gold is the color of unconditional love, and it is time to learn to love it for what it really is.

If you look around the world and see all of the pain and suffering that is caused by the belief that some must lose in order to gain, it is fair to say that greed is the root of all evil. Greed causes men and women to act in ways that are the opposite of their core nature. Our true human nature is love, compassion and generosity. Fear and the belief in lack is the source of pain and suffering. Money is not the problem; fear in its many disguises is the problem. The answer is love.

Learning to love money for the tool and resource that it is will change everything in your life and your relationship with the world.

Perhaps, as it did with me, the word “money” conjures up negative resonance in your mind, heart, body and energy.  I have learned to replace the word “money” with the word “prosperity”. Every one of us is born to prosper. Prosperity is coded into everything in the universe. It is coded into the cellular makeup of all things. This encoding is the reason that all living things have the ability to grow, thrive, bloom and prosper. Of course, prosperity isn’t limited to money, it is growing our dreams and creating our realities. We were all meant to be fruitful and multiplying.

Being fruitful and multiplying doesn’t mean to make a bazillion babies, the way some of us were taught.

We were meant to grow trees of life and feed the world with the fruits of our labors. Every one of us is meant to prosper. We were meant to have a loving relationship with money. We were meant to use money as a gift that helps us prosper in our own lives, as well as assist in the growth and prosperity of those around us. Money is the energy of exchange and gratitude for services rendered. When shared generously, lovingly and gratefully, it changes everything it touches.

In the words of one of my favorite actors who transitioned from earth this week, “Live long and prosper!”

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Revelations and Visions

I grew up with the notion that the mind was the devil’s playground and that it should always be kept busy with the words and works of God. Anything that came through imagination from Satan and was to be dismissed as such. In that belief I did not use my childhood imagination, did not allow myself to fantasize about a different life, and did not believe in magic of inspiration. Everything that existed in my life was literal, physical or explained by religion. There was no imaginative play, creative expression, or belief in the magical world of fairies, princesses and fantasies. There was no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. If it was not justified by religious dogma, it simply did not exist or was considered evil.

In high school I was introduced to painting and I fell in love. But underlying my love of creativity was that already rooted belief that my desire for individual expression went against God’s will.  I gave up the one thing I loved most in life and never picked it up again. I was taught that the desire for anything beautiful came from a desire to be part of the world, and that the world was evil, under the control of Satan and his army of demons. And, I was taught that only men could receive revelations and visions from God.

As I grew older and came to understand what I saw as the true nature of God. I argued with my parents that God was not sexist, but still I did not understand the true meaning of revelation and vision. I was under the continued belief that only men could receive a direct connection to God, and those who called themselves prophets were the closest to God. I was jealous of men and resented them for their power over me. And, I did not make a connection between the power of my own mind and my ability to create.

It was not until a few years ago that I came to recognize I had been receiving revelations and seeing visions all of my life. Until that moment I did not see the creativity in every building, every business and every endeavor for what it really was. Everyone has access to inspiration, simply because they have a mind. Everything on earth that is created by humanity comes first though the imagination, and what I now come to recognize, as inspiration. Revelations and visions are imagination.

As I came to see the magical qualities of inspiration and creativity, I came to see the true ability of using and harnessing my mind and my imagination. I came to recognize that I could use the power of my imagination to create the direction of my life. I allowed my mind to open up to inspiration and the inspiration filled me up. I saw the power of envisioning and what vision really means, using my mind’s eye to create my desired reality. The ability to use my mind to see what I wanted created passion and enthusiasm around what I envisioned. As I envisioned what I wanted, it drew to me more inspiration. As I became more inspired I began overflowing with creative juices.  It became as though a tap had been turned on and I was unable to stop it.

The more I envisioned and created, the more was revealed to me about my own potential and unlimited possibility. The more I envisioned, the more revelation about my life purpose emerged. My life became so filled with passion and enthusiasm that I could no longer focus on my problems; I simply did not have the time for it. I began to live an inspired life, filled each day with visions of grandeur and revelations of what is possible, not only for myself, but for humanity as a whole.