The Polygamist's Daughter

Stories, Reflections and Conclusions of Life on the Inside


Revelations and Visions

I grew up with the notion that the mind was the devil’s playground and that it should always be kept busy with the words and works of God. Anything that came through imagination from Satan and was to be dismissed as such. In that belief I did not use my childhood imagination, did not allow myself to fantasize about a different life, and did not believe in magic of inspiration. Everything that existed in my life was literal, physical or explained by religion. There was no imaginative play, creative expression, or belief in the magical world of fairies, princesses and fantasies. There was no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. If it was not justified by religious dogma, it simply did not exist or was considered evil.

In high school I was introduced to painting and I fell in love. But underlying my love of creativity was that already rooted belief that my desire for individual expression went against God’s will.  I gave up the one thing I loved most in life and never picked it up again. I was taught that the desire for anything beautiful came from a desire to be part of the world, and that the world was evil, under the control of Satan and his army of demons. And, I was taught that only men could receive revelations and visions from God.

As I grew older and came to understand what I saw as the true nature of God. I argued with my parents that God was not sexist, but still I did not understand the true meaning of revelation and vision. I was under the continued belief that only men could receive a direct connection to God, and those who called themselves prophets were the closest to God. I was jealous of men and resented them for their power over me. And, I did not make a connection between the power of my own mind and my ability to create.

It was not until a few years ago that I came to recognize I had been receiving revelations and seeing visions all of my life. Until that moment I did not see the creativity in every building, every business and every endeavor for what it really was. Everyone has access to inspiration, simply because they have a mind. Everything on earth that is created by humanity comes first though the imagination, and what I now come to recognize, as inspiration. Revelations and visions are imagination.

As I came to see the magical qualities of inspiration and creativity, I came to see the true ability of using and harnessing my mind and my imagination. I came to recognize that I could use the power of my imagination to create the direction of my life. I allowed my mind to open up to inspiration and the inspiration filled me up. I saw the power of envisioning and what vision really means, using my mind’s eye to create my desired reality. The ability to use my mind to see what I wanted created passion and enthusiasm around what I envisioned. As I envisioned what I wanted, it drew to me more inspiration. As I became more inspired I began overflowing with creative juices.  It became as though a tap had been turned on and I was unable to stop it.

The more I envisioned and created, the more was revealed to me about my own potential and unlimited possibility. The more I envisioned, the more revelation about my life purpose emerged. My life became so filled with passion and enthusiasm that I could no longer focus on my problems; I simply did not have the time for it. I began to live an inspired life, filled each day with visions of grandeur and revelations of what is possible, not only for myself, but for humanity as a whole.

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Peanut Butter & Honey

Religion and spirituality are like peanut butter and honey. They have been sandwiched together for so long than most people don’t recognize they are two separate and distinct flavors. Religion is the peanut butter while spirituality is the honey. The flavor of some peanut butters can be so overwhelming that the honey is next to impossible to find, as was the religion I was raised with.

So many of us have been sold on the belief that there is only one right way to God. I was raised, as many were, with the belief that God is judgmental. That we have to earn the right to be in presence of God and God’s love is conditional. That God is a sexist and a racist, and only recognizes those who follow the right creed. My religion taught that our way was the one and only true religion of God and all others were mere mockery. In my childhood religion followers were taught that in order to prove themselves worthy to be in the presence of God they must sacrifice worldly happiness and they must live polygamy. Anything else will lead to an eternity of servitude to those who did earn the right to God.

The belief that there is only one right way to God is the dogma that controls the minds, hearts, souls, bodies and money of humanity and prevents people from finding their true connection to Spirit and their own divinity. It is the overpowering goo that keeps many from finding their own inner truth. Is this to say that all religion is wrong? Of course not. At the core of every religion there are spiritual truths; some religious teachings are simply more difficult to navigate through than others.

Those religions that fundamentally prevent people from accessing real spirituality are losing their control. There are masses of people who are walking away from the archaic beliefs about who God expects them to be. They are walking away from the fear based beliefs that have kept them from real connection to Spirit. They are recognizing the greed, control, abuse and deception that permeates much of religion. But many have not yet learned how to separate spirituality from religion, believing they are one and the same. They are floundering in the space between religion and spirituality hoping to find a deeper meaning for their existence. Many feel a sense of guilt for not believing in the God and religion they have were told to believe in, even when deep within themselves those beliefs don’t resonate with their soul.

It is my intent to teach people how to find the sweetness of spirituality without the overpowering control of religion. To separate the peanut butter from the honey. To gently open them up and guide them inward where God has always been and does not need to be earned or proven worthy of.