The Polygamist's Daughter

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Affects of Polygamy

Recently I had nice long visit with TV host and producer Rebecca Kimbel.  Rebecca has her own show in Humboldt County, California. During her stay, Rebecca interviewed me on my perspective of polygamy and other beliefs from my childhood religion. Beliefs that created hell on earth and prevented me from understanding what love really is.  Beliefs that blocked me from experiencing true spirituality and creating the heaven on earth that I believe is every person’s birthright. 

Following my interview, Rebecca and I sat and talked with the camera rolling and Rebecca went on a role. Born into the same religion I was born into, she was in essence indoctrinated by the founding fathers.  Her environment was even more hurtful and restrictive than mine, and although not on film, I heard horror stories from her childhood that broke my heart.  The open and rampant abuse of women and girls all justified in the name of God and His man-made religion.  This to me is the true meaning of using God’s name in vain!  Men using God’s name for their own vain purposes and then calling it love.

You can view the other You Tube video by clicking here: After Polygamy Conversation


Ascending Above Religion

Separation is an illusion.

There is no separation between us and our innate divinity and there is no separation between us and all that is.  This belief that we are separate from God and that we must earn the right to Heaven through penance to religion is in illusion created to block us from discovering the truth. The truth that we are all One with God.

The illusion of separation has pitted humanity against each other and prevented us from recognizing and embracing our own truth. The veil of separation many of us have been taught to believe in only exists when we believe it does and is an illusion that was created to keep us under control through the ambiguity of fear. Where this belief came from, and whether it was fed to us consciously or not, is irrelevant. It is simply a part of our collective evolution and we are outgrowing it.

Love conquers all.

The supremacy, competition and separation that are based in fear are coming to an end. The time of control-over and victim-under is coming to an end. The time of obedience and submission is coming to an end. The time of master and servant is coming to an end. The time of masculine dominance and feminine subordination is coming to an end. As these archaic beliefs of fear and separation come to an end, a time of love and oneness is emerging.

The time of a new earth based in love has come, as the Divine Feminine emerges to take Her place in balance and equality. With Her return she brings love, compassion, understanding, collaboration, clarity, creativity, healing and the nurturing of all of humanity. She loves her children without fear, guilt or expectation and sees the infinite possibilities that exist for us individually and collectively. She encourages us through love rather than obedience through fear. She inspires us to open our eyes in wonder, rather asking that we see only through blind faith. She loves all of Her children equally.

Now comes the time that we recognize that human rights must take precedence and that all beings are deserving of respect, dignity and equality. The time of understanding that human rights are our Divine birthright, and that all other rights are man-made. The energies of transformation, understanding, and unity are now overriding fundamentalism, judgment and separation. It is time for love to conquer all, because love really is the most powerful force in the Universe and it is all there really is. Everything else is an illusion based in the limitations of our ancient physical understanding.

Suffering is no longer necessary.

Suffering is no longer necessary to get us to God and never has been, that has always been part of the illusion of fear and control. The illusion of fear and separation is coming to an end as all truths are revealed and much of humanity is ready to ascend above religion. We have evolved into our own truth and connection to Spirit without the limitations and constrictions of dogma. Each one of us now has the ability, for the first time in our human history, to make conscious free-will choices as all truths are brought into the light. We are no longer limited by the information that is fed to us by controlled sources.  We can choose to no longer be manipulated by fear and coercion. We can each choose actions and perceptions that limit us individually and collectively, or we choose actions and perceptions that liberate us individually and collectively. We can choose to follow our own truths, rather than the beliefs that others have placed upon us.

Every belief we have, every word we speak and every action we take ultimately affects all of humanity and our collective evolution. We are all co-creators of our reality and we can choose to no longer buy into the belief that we are separate.  We are all One with all that is, and each of us play a role in our collective, conscious evolution. It is up to each of us to recognize that we are all One with each other and One with that which many call God. Together we create a new reality based in love rather than fear.

Those of us who have ascended above religion are here to teach others how to find their own truth, follow their own path and find their own connection to Spirit.


May Day

When I was young and the community was in its infancy we celebrated May Day with great exuberance.  It was a celebration of spring and a welcoming of the sun and longer, warmer days.  The tetherball pole that stood on the church/school playground was transformed into a May Pole. Children were hand selected to participate in decorating the May Pole, adorning it with ribbons and wrapped in joy. The spring I was invited to participate in decorating the May Pole was one of the happiest days of my young life.  Following the decorating of the May Pole the members of the community celebrated with pot luck picnic and free play. Not long after that particular event one of the members pointed out that May Day was Pagan holiday and that joyous occasion was replaced each spring with Field Day.  The celebration of spring was replaced with a day of personal strength and competition.

I recently went in search of the history of May Day and found that what it represents is magical and beautiful, based in the celebration of mother earth and the feminine energy.  Its original tradition became lost to religion and masculine energy. Just as it was lost to the masculine energy in our community to the field day competitions.

The celebration of spring is among the most ancient of all celebrations and among the most joyous.  It is the celebration of life.  It is the celebration of all creation. The right and passage of spring has been celebrated since long before recorded time as recognition of the feminine Creator. It became the apple tree in the Garden of Eden. It was the food and fruit of life and source of wisdom. It was a celebration of the wisdom and beauty of the Divine Feminine at a time when it was recognized that wisdom and abundance came from women. The strong, beautiful and fertile apple tree became the symbol of the tree of life and was celebrated each year as the giver of life. It was the must beautiful and abundant of all the Mother’s creations. The story of Adam and Eve was twisted to make Eve appear foolish, but women have always been wise and understand the value of wisdom, which is not the same as education. Wisdom comes from experience, from listening to the voice of intuition and following its guide. The woman’s ability to share from her inner truth was once revered. The apple tree was a symbol of feminine wisdom and creation. The birth and beauty of spring and the promise of a fruitful and abundant harvest. The celebration of spring was a celebration of the earth mother, the creator and giver of all life. Her wisdom provided a bounty that sustained life.  Her wisdom and nurturing ensured that all creation was strong, healthy and abundant.

The celebration of life in full bloom was celebrated around the world for centuries as a celebration of the Divine Feminine until male domination turned the fruit tree into a symbol of strength and virility. The tree of beauty and life was replaced by a pole, turning it into a phallic symbol and erecting it for all the world to see.  The Romans introduced their Goddess Flora into the celebration as they moved across Europe. The Romans were an integral part of holding space for and recognizing the Divine Feminine. Sadly She was lost almost entirely to the God of Abraham and our world nearly destroyed to the lustful and greedy desires of men.

Fortunately there are many of us who recognize that there is masculine and feminine in all creation and that both are necessary to create and sustain life. We are coming together in re-awaking and resurrecting the Divine Feminine and returning Her to Her place in balance as Oneness in creation. As we celebrate the feminine in creation we are able to heal the damage that has been done to our planet.  I celebrate May Day as a joyous occasion to revel in the beauty of life and the abundance of Mother Earth. I celebrate the birth and rebirth of spring. I celebrate the potential and possibilities that come with planting seeds of gratitude and the potential for a fruitful harvest.